About Us

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Our roots range from Texas to North Carolina and everywhere in between. 

Brent and Dawn are both proud Navy Veterans with strong military roots on both sides of the family.  They have finally found a home here in the Pacific Northwest and will be sticking around and serving up their Barbecue for years to come.



Meet the "Pitmaster"


 Pitmaster Brent was raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and learned from some of the best Texas Barbecue Masters.  Over the years, he has perfected his style with the smoker, with the results being a truly magnificent product. 

Meet "Mama D"


 Dawn "Mama D" was born and raised throughout the south.  From the time she could hold a wooden spoon, she knew you should always have enough food for anyone who might stop by.  Her cooking style can best be described as "with love and bacon, everything tastes better."